It's for the riders

The big air tour

Here is the tour schedule for The Big Air Tour in 2022! Comps with TBC are subject to change. There are 3 divisions: • Woman Pro • Open Division 1 • Open Division 2 Points will be earned as per the rulebook. We look forward to reaching new heights in 2022! It’s for the riders ⚡ 


📍 Tatajuba, Brazil

Window period: 5 -15 September

Entries close on 25th of June at midnight, Central European Time.

Future events:

CAPE TOWN | The final stop

📍 Dolphin Beach, Cape Town, South Africa

Window period: 1 December – 15 January

Past events:

lords of tram

📍 Parc Des Dosses, Barcares, France

Window period: 1-27 April

full power tarifa

📍 Balneario Beach, Tarifa, Spain

Window period: 24 April – 31 May

Full Power will only start once Lords of Tram has ended. We’re setting the windows like this in case Lords of Tram ends early. This gives Full Power the maximum chance of scoring strong wind.

2021 results:

Congrats Janek! Our first ever Big Air Tour Champion!

“I mean it’s actually harder to win a tour than an individual event, because mate, you can have 1 weekend when everything goes your way, but to win a tour, you have to be the most consistent, dedicated and committed rider for the period of 1 year. And I think that’s always gonna be the difference and make it harder to win a tour.” – Adrian Kerr, Kitesurf365 Podcast