9-17 October 2021

Lord of Tram 2021

We received over 70 entries from riders from all over the world. The entry videos were judged by an unbiased panel of judges. Congratulations to everyone who is invited to compete at this prestigious event. The competition is incredibly stiff and we are so excited to see the riders pushing their limits, as well as the limits of big air kiteboarding.

Registration fees

There is a registration fee for this competition. The registration fee serves 2 purposes. It contributes to the prize money for the competition and it is your guarantee that you will in fact be attending. Registration fees are due by 17 September. If you do not pay by then, you will forfeit your spot in the competition. You can pay your registration fee by clicking the button below.

Pro Division

Adrian Marcelo Emmerz
Andrea Principi
Antoine Fermon
Antonin Rangin
Arthur Guillebert
Beto Gomez
Clément Huot
Edgar Ulrich
Giel Vlugt
Jan Zoon
Janek Grzegorzewski
Julian Huynh
Julian Meijvogel
Jurre Bruijn
Lorenzo Casati
Marius Sanchez
Milan Lukic
Nicolas Gambier
Philippos Tsamantanis
Raiarii Fadier
Ross-Dillon Player
Simon Bruhn
Val Garat
Xavier Kain

Women's Division

Alice Ruggiu
Angely Bouillot
Johanna Disdier
Justine AVRIL
Leilani Rosenthal
Michaela Pilkenton
Pippa van Iersel
Zara Hoogenraad

Amateur Division

Charles Brodel
Didier Botta
Hendrik Van Der Eems
Leonardo Casati
Peyo Cremades
Rodin Strengers
Romain Giuliano
Theophile Van Beek
Thibault Mounier
Thibault Mounier
Timo Boersema
Victor Looijestijn

Reserve Amateur
1st Texier Nathan

Thanks to our partners!

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E/O Communication
SoulShake & CO
Surfr App
Kite Gruissan Band
SNSM Gruissan
Fédération Française de Voile
Département de l’Aude

Contact us at Lordsoftram@gmail.com or WhatsApp in the group if you have any queries.

Lords of Tram
A BAKL World Tour Stop
It’s for the riders ⚡