1-8 September 2021

Tatajubafest 2021

We received 58 entries from riders from all over the world. The entry videos were judged by an unbiased panel of judges. Congratulations to everyone who is invited to compete at this prestigious event. The competition is incredibly stiff and we are so excited to see the riders pushing their limits, as well as the limits of big air kiteboarding.

Registration fees

There is a registration fee for this competition. The entry fee serves 2 purposes. It contributes to the prize money for the competition and it is your guarantee that you will in fact be attending. If you are unable to afford the entry fee, you will not have to pay it. Please kindly send us an email at team@bigairkiteleague.com explaining why. Your emails will be confidential. Entry fees are due by 13 August, end of day. You can pay your entry fee by clicking the button below.


There are a few accommodation options. We are doing our best to arrange inexpensive accommodations for the riders. Please do not book anything yet. We will make the accommodation bookable early next week (around 11 August)


  • Free: Miguel and his team have given us 15 hammocks in the kite station, right on the beach.
  • $25 US per night: Shared accommodation with other riders with a sea view. See images below. This includes your daily breakfast.
  • More options to follow.

If you are planning on staying longer than the competition period, that’s great, we will also have an option for you to book that.

Here are the lists of riders who have been invited to compete, in alphabetical order. All riders must be in the Whatsapp group to receive announcements. If you are not in the Whatsapp group, please email us so that we can send you the invite link, or ask a friend who is in the group to send you the invite link.

Pro Division

Full NameNationalityTell us 3 fun facts about yourself
Adrian Marcelo EmmerzGerman/Braziliani wear swimming trunks on a daily basis , learned kitesurfing in Rio de Janeiro, wannabe pro kitesurfer
Andrea principiItalyI love extreme conditions
I can’t wait for Brazil
Full power
Carlito MartinezDominicanI don’t know what any of the tricks are called (I learned the name boogie loop only a few weeks ago). My girlfriend says my eating habits are that of a 5 year old boy. I had to borrow a kite to make this entry video. (Thank you, Douglas!)
Clement huotfrenchI’am a kitesurfer when I am not injured and practice wing in my spare time
Cohan van dijkHollandI kite with underwear 🥴
I always crash to learn
I never give up
evan klijnDutchowns 2 businesses, best hype man on the water, crashed a rental car when I was 15
Giel VlugtDutchToo heavy, too old, terrible name
Heliardi cabrinha da SilvaBrasileiroHi, I like sailing a lot, and I also play soccer and volleyball
Jan zoonThe Netherlands 
Janek GrzegorzewskiPolandI love acai
João Juliel Da Silva LinharesBrasileirokiting has been my passion since 5 years ago, I try to keep at least 30 minutes of daily training…
Josué San carvalho FerreiraBrazil01) I live in front of the peak where I fly.
02) I sail with a helmet because I once had 4 stitches on my head after crashing my friend in the session 🤭
03) My nickname is baby shark because my dad has a nickname of shark, so I’m baby shark 😁
Juan andres ipuana epinayucolombianI like playing with sand in the beach, eat pizza after a kite session and play futboll with my friends in the beach
Julianmeijvogel NetherlandsCrazy. Big. Extreme
Lorenzo CasatiSpaini like chicken nuggets–i drink 2 lt of water after a kite session-
Michael Mac DonaldSouth AfricaSometimes I sit when I pee because it’s easier to use my phone. Nothing to prove to anyone. Content.
Michiel SchipperDutchI hate handles just because i never used one and dont know how to, now i just say handles are shit to every one.
I dont think im good enough to be able to do a kiteloop board off, although i can
Ive go crooked theeth because of how many times i take my gopro with me kiting(and crashing with it)
Milan LukicThe NetherlandsI love eating cornflakes with coffee
Before every session I drink a Red Bull
I ALWAYS cut open my feet when I push tricks…
Nicolas GambierFrenchI was once only unhooking; I love golfing; I am a total geek
Philippos TsamantanisGreekI did my first kiteloop on May 2020, I’m pretty shit at driving, and I hate sleeping with an AC
Pippa van IerselThe NetherlandsI love cucumber, I like to put them in my ass to (this is val writing) and I only know bad words in French.
Stig HoefnagelThe Netherlands 
Stijn MulDutchStarted my kitecareer as a windsurfer, in love with downwinders and I thought board offs were not cool till 2 months ago
Xavier KainFrenchWhen I drink during the night people call me Gizmo | I always have my wetsuit on before leaving my apartment to go kiting | I say that I’m working home but I’m fact I’m just looking people riding in Balneario from my desk with my binoculars


There are still 4 spots open in the women’s division. We would love to see more women taking part. If you know any frothing ladies, please encourage them to enter here.

Full NameNationalityTell us 3 fun facts about yourself
Alice RuggiuItalyI always laugh even when I fall badly and I remain in apnea in every jumps
Jasmine ChoUSAI love ice cream. I have a dog that travels everywhere with me. I’m old 🙁
Johanna DisdierFrenchI listen to music all day long, I drive too fast when I go kite, I am calm from the outside but in the inside I am a real dynamo
Pippa van IerselThe NetherlandsI love cucumber, I like to put them in my ass to (this is val writing) and I only know bad words in French.
Zara HoogenraadDutchI am addicted to peanut butter, my favourite kite is the 8m XR and my dog is named after my first kite


Due to the massive amount of entries, we have extended the amateur division from 18 to 24 persons.

Full NameNationalityTell us 3 fun facts about yourself
André Mezentsef FatoriBrazilianI like to send it in the morning , send it in the afternoon and to go full send in the night 🔥
Carlos magno Brasili am carlinhos, i am a very outgoing person and i love to venture kite surfing is my favorite sport in the world.
Carlos RoblesColombiaI’m afraid of heights when not kiting , been kiting since 2010, I’ve been told I look like Tinky Winky the teletubby while kiting in my blue wetsuit.
Dennis PetersenGermanBlond, Smart, fast
Diegojosearaujo BrasileiroNo
Dominik SemmlerGermanyI have cheff`s foods
Érico Camargo de AzevedoBrasilOnce I made a wipeout that I passed between the lines, I had an alligator like my pet
Francisco Edinardo dos Santos do Nascimento Brasil;
Itamar Gonçalves furtado filhoBrasileiroComo comidas um pouco pesadas depois dos treinos,faço exercícios físicos,como frutas antes dos treinos
Jhon Anderson Perez Torres Colombia

I like megaloop session after take a a beer 😂

Alive in 50 knots but scare to send it

Always smiling because life is just 1

João FilhoBrasilGosto de curtir os ventos e, é claro, uma boa tigela de açaí. Aliás, não gosto de pentear o cabelo hahahh
JOSE GLEISTONE MONTEIRO DE SOUSABRASILI was born in Tatajuba, and at first I did’t link kite BUT My brother is my biggest inspiration AND now I want to be the best each day;
José Wesley Oliveira Veras BrasileiroEu gosto muito de jogar bola, velejar muito e correr
Juan Manuel González MadariagaMexican1. I love Harry Potter and constantly imagine every kite session as a quidditch game.
2. I come across as introverted as first impression but when you meet me it’s all the contrary.
3. I have a mole on my ear.
Jurre BruijnNetherlandmy belly became bigger during the covid lockdown… scared as hell for pigeons and like to shit in the water
Kauan grubert esmerinoBrazileiroEu entro na piscina quando chego do velejo. e tenho 10 anos. e sou cearense
Kawe alvesBrazilRr
LUCAS ROCHA COSMEBrasilthe best kite session is on sunset. / I love a cold beer after the kite session.
Mateus silva BrasilI’ve never flown more than 30 meters, My english is very bad and I’m kind of crazy
Ricardo Breno das chagas veras BrasileiroKitesurfing, motocross, futebol
Santiago Andres TabernaArgentinaTomar una buena cerveza después de cada sesión.
Victor Emanoel BrazilI live in Jericoacoara
I love kite surf big air and freestyle
I’m really looking forward to the big air kite tatajuba

Amateur reserve list

Reserves will be invited in this order if not all the reserve riders are able to make it.

  1. Jardson santos
  2. Andrade Ferreira de Vasconcelos
  3. Pierfrancesco Rizzello
  4. Michael Meskauskas