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We’re excited to announce that there is a Brands’ Championship in The Big Air Tour in 2022!

Season 2022 Brand race

Kite brands will earn points for every athlete that partakes in the Women’s Pro and Open Pro divisions. Brands will compete for the glory of being crowned Best Brand of The Big Air Tour.

The rules are simple:

  • Every point that an athlete earns will also earn a point for the brand that the rider represents.
  • Athletes are free to change brands at any time they wish. Points will stay with the brand they were representing at the time they earned their points.
  • Any changes or complications that may arise will be dealt with fairly by the BAKL Board Members.

The brand in first place at the end of the year will select a representative of their choosing to crown The Big Air Tour Champions at the final prize giving.

Points will be displayed on this page.

May the best brand win!

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